Beer & Wine

Don’t Forget to Fill Your Beer Cooler

Don’t Forget to Fill Your Beer Cooler

Shop the beer and wine selection at Li’l Audrey’s

Grab a 12-pack of beer before the big game or a bottle of wine to enjoy with dinner. Li’l Audrey’s carries a variety of alcoholic beverages, including domestic and imported brews.

We take pride in carrying a wide variety of wine and beer for you to enjoy.

Whether you want a pilsner for the weekend or a bold red for a romantic evening, you can count on Li’l Audrey’s to have your choice of beverages ready to go.

Buy your beer at our Somerset convenience store.

Feeling adventurous? Try a new brew from Li’l Audrey’s.

Your favorite beer is hard to beat, but, why not try something new from Li’l Audrey’s? We always have a great selection of beers for you to choose from.

Discover something new at Li’l Audrey’s. We also offer a variety of to-go dishes, including fried chicken, salads, shrimp appetizers and ready-to-cook clam boils.